Examples of our services


Overhauling and restoration of all camshafts

Inducam’s widespread experience in the world of motorsport provides the perfect base for expert advice to meet all requirements for your classic car or racing car.


Optimal crankshaft and camshaft overhaul and service

We deal in camshafts of all major truck manufacturers. But also the lesser known and exotic brands have few secrets for us. And as Inducam revives the camshaft back to new condition, you can enjoy the reliability of the camshafts for years!

Tractor Pulling

High performance,
high standards

In tractor pulling maximum performance is required of the engine. The engine operates on the limit of the mechanical properties, which includes the camshaft. Inducam advises how to increase the mechanical properties and how to gain performance and reliability.

Maritime sector

Marine engines and generators

In the maritime sector, where time is money, the hands-on mentality of Inducam is a factor that is trusted for years. National and international Inducam overhauls both for supplier and shipping companies.


Tuinbouw en industrie

It is impossible to imagine a world without Natural gas fuelled engines and cogeneration in these sectors. Where reliability and quality are the basis for continuity, Inducam is your partner!


Expert in all areas!

Using our many years of expertise we can provide an overhauling solution for each sector. For professional reconditioning Inducam is to the place to go to.

You will always receive a quote in advance, so you know what the cost will be.